Warranties & Guarantees

Warranties & Guarantees

Line Services:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Leading Edge Aviation, your peace of mind and comfort are important to us.  It is our responsibility to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our Line Services provided by us and paid for by you.  If you are dissatisfied with the services we have provided, we will promptly correct the problem and refund your money in full.

Quick Turn Service Guarantee

Leading Edge Aviation Line Service Technician’s know time is money and we want to save you money and time.  We guarantee a quick-turn request will become our priority, and that we’ll have you in and out in 30 minutes or less during normal business hours.

Aircraft Maintenance:

Installation Workmanship Guarantee

Our FAA Certified and Factory Trained A&P Mechanics are skilled professionals that are the best in the industry and take pride in providing the highest standards of service excellence and safety.   Maintenance, Installation and Modification is warrantied against defect in workmanship according to current industry standards for six months from the date of return to service by Leading Edge Aviation.

Better-Than-We-Found-It Guarantee

We understand that one of the biggest concerns aircraft owners have when having work performed is that mechanics will leave a mess and cause further problems to your airplane.  Because of the quality of work from our aircraft mechanics and our high standards, we can guarantee you that we will complete the maintenance services to your satisfaction and leave your aircraft better then we found it, or we will pay for cleaning services.

Flight School: 

We provide you with the best flight instructors and flight training experience available.

Our flight instructors are trained to meet the needs of customers who require a highly experienced and specialized instructor pilot, and prefer a more personalized and on-demand training arrangement. We have pilots trained to instruct and provide pilot services in a variety of aircraft such as American Champion, Beech, Cessna, Cirrus, Husky, Piper, and Mooney aircraft.  If at any time during your flight training you do not feel that we are offering you the very best training that you can receive, we will refund you all ground and flight instruction charges you incurred in the past 30 days.

Guarantee Pass

Leading Edge Aviation guarantees the FAA knowledge test or practical test on a first try, or we will promptly send you $150.00 in the mail.

Safely-Maintained Aircraft

Due to the ongoing efforts of our skilled maintenance team, we have the highest standards of maintenance on our flight school aircraft.  All of our aircraft have updated avionics with GPS and ADSB.

“Landed here a few weeks ago with my 3yr old son for some quick gas and a bite to eat. Friendliest staff I have come across in a long time at ANY FBO. Dawson was my line tech and provided great customer service for our short trip to Logan. We will be back for sure!”

Logan T.

“I love my flight training here, Brayden and Quinn have been great instructors and have helped me progress my training safely and efficiently. Also the line guys have been excellent in helping me, particularly Andy. Leading Edge provides unparalleled service.”

Christian P.

“Without the slightest hesitation, I can say that LE Aviation at (KLGU) is the Gold standard for FBO’s in the U.S. I landed there on my way to The Dalles, OR for fuel and was experiencing an intermittent surging prop and a throttle linkage problem. The lead Mechanic, Mitchell, stopped what he was doing and proceeded to remove the cowling off my plane and quickly diagnosed and fixed both problems in under 30 minutes. That’s not all. Just after I lifted off on my way to my destination, I noticed that the gas cap on the left wing was missing. I had failed to properly secure it after fueling up. So, I returned to the airport hoping to find the cap on the tarmac somewhere but was unable to find it. My heart sank because my airplane is an out-of-production rare aircraft causing spare or replacement parts to be extremely hard to find.
The only option was to Duct tape over the open fuel cap area to continue on to my destination. LE Aviation gave me a new role of Duct tape, no charge.
LE Aviation offered to launch an immediate search for a replacement gas cap. I thanked them for that but really had no hope of one being found.
However, when I landed at my destination, I had a text From Mitchell that he had located a replacement gas cap. I was overjoyed! They even UPS’ed it to me at my destination.
My story testifies to LE Aviation’s dedication to delivering the ultimate in customer service.
The entire staff is friendly, helpful and professional, notably Mitchel and James who brought a happy ending to my predicament. Thanks guys!”

Paul F.

“The most phenomenal service I have ever experienced at any FBO in my flying career. My crew and I were stranded in Logan, UT due to maintenance issues with our aircraft. The employees went above and beyond to help us out while we waited to diagnose our helicopter’s issues – they were even kind enough to drive us to our hotel when we realized we’d be stuck overnight and there was no ground transport available. Daniel, Dawson, and Tristan were INCREDIBLE and we were so thankful for their support, assistance, and friendly customer service. They deserve a promotion, bonus, raise, or all of the above. Can’t thank y’all enough!”

Bobby R.