Flight Reviews & Instrument Proficiency Checks

For those that already possess a pilot certificate, LE Aviation offers Biennial Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks. Our instructors work to help complete these courses efficiently with a strong emphasis on safety and quality.

The Flight Review is required by Federal Aviation Regulations every two years for all pilots who intend to act as pilot in command of an aircraft. Instructors will work to get a fair and broad understanding of your abilities along with helping bring deficient areas up to standard. The review should be a proficiency evaluation while providing a learning experience, rather than the pressure of a checkride atmosphere.

The Instrument Proficiency Check serves the same purpose for instrument pilots as the flight review for VFR pilots. Upon completion, you will be capable of safely acting as pilot in command of an aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions. Instructors can help you complete the check in an aircraft or in our full motion simulator.

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