Cessna 152

Engine: Lycoming O-235 (110 HP)

Max Operating Altitude: 14,700 FT

Max Cruise Speed: 107 KTS

Cabin Payload w/Full Fuel: 445 lbs

Take to the skies in one of our Cessna 152 models, enjoying the same legendary reliability seen in quality Cessna aircraft for over a half century of flight.

Cessna 172

Engine: Lycoming O-320 or IO-360 (160-180 HP)

Max Operating Altitude: 14,700 FT

Max Cruise Speed: 122 KTS

Cabin Payload w/Full Fuel: 713 lbs

Fly in comfort, style, and safety with our most popular model, the Cessna Skyhawk 172 SP. By stepping up to the 172SP, you'll not only have some extra horsepower and seats but added security and reliability using the moving map navigation display and autopilot.

Cessna 182

Engine: Lycoming IO-540 (230 HP)

Max Operating Altitude: 20,100 FT

Max Cruise Speed: 143 KTS

Cabin Payload w/Full Fuel: 680 lbs

Fly further, fly faster, and carry more weight. The Cessna 182 aircraft is the true SUV of the skies; built tough to handle longer flying times with additional weight. When you’ve just got to be there and time is short, the Cessna 182 may be just right for you.

Cirrus SR20

Engine: IO-360-ES; 200HP

Max Operating Altitude:17,500

Max Cruise Speed: 151 true

Cabin Payload w/Full Fuel: 494 pounds

The Cirrus is one of the fastest training aircraft in the market with state of the art avionics.  It has a luxurious interior and the aircraft is equipped with a parachute for emergencies.

Piper Seminole

Engine: 2 Lycoming O-360 Engines (180 HP Each)

Max Operating Altitude: 15,000 FT

Max Cruise Speed: 162 KTS

Cabin Payload w/Full Fuel: 543 lbs

For the private pilot wishing to fly more complex and capable aircraft, a twin engine aircraft is the next logical step. For those seeking to fly professionally, the multi-engine rating is essential. Time built flying a multi-engine aircraft is a mandatory requirement for most airlines.

LET L-23 Super Blaník Glider:

Max Operating Altitude: 25,000FTLet_Kunovice_logo

Max Forward Speed: 155 MPH

Cabin Payload w/Full Fuel: 441 lbs

Whether new to aviation or a seasoned pilot, the experience of learning to fly gliders can be both a thrilling experience and an opportunity to brush up more on your stick-and-rudder skills. Learn to fly the LET Super Blanik in the beautiful mountains of Cache Valley at our Logan location.

The FAA requires that flight school aircraft are serviced every 100 hours. At Leading Edge Aviation, quality and safety are topmost priorities for our professional flight instructors and highly experienced, reputable maintenance team. 


Call us at 1-877-FLY-UTAH to speak with a flight instructor about being checked out in our aircraft.