Based at Logan-Cache (KLGU) airport, we provide a range of maintenance services for both piston and turbine aircraft. Our skilled and talented mechanics combine to form a highly qualified, dependable, and trustworthy team. 

Your safety is our top priority!

Our repair center offers the following services:


  • Periodic aircraft maintenance (50-hour, 100-hour, Annual, etc.)
  • Airframe maintenance
  • Structural repairs
  • Interior work
  • Trading of engines and parts
  • Pre-buy assessment
  • Aircraft tuning and modifications

Based on our vast experience in engine overhauls and trouble shooting of engine problems we offer the following piston engine services:

  • Complete engine overhauls (competitive prices)
  • Cylinder changes, engine repairs, and changes of components
  • Electrical repairs
  • Engine inspections
  • 50-hour, 100-hour maintenance, and Annual Inspections

Avionics and Instruments
LE Aviation also provides services related to avionics and instruments:

  • Work and repair on the electrical systems of aircraft
  • Inspections and testing
  • Consultation on new instruments and/or repairs
  • JPI engine monitors
  • Cost assessments and best-buy negotiations for new equipment

Service Authorizations


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